Nerf War: Gun Baby 12
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Posted March 9, 2018
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Episode # 278
Length 7:08
  • Danny
  • Boy
  • Devil Dude
  • Channel GunVsGun
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    Nerf War: Gun Baby 12 is a Gun Vs. Gun: Brutal Nerf War episode uploaded on March 9, 2018. This is the 12th version of Gun Baby were as yet again, Devil Dude/Baby Gun is wanting revenge using a Star Wars laser blaster while Danny and Gun Boy is playing a game of Chess.

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    Subtitles/CC Edit

    1. Devil Dude: "Oh yeah, baby!"
    2. Danny: "Ah. Home alone. Couple of guys playing chess. Peace and quiet. How cool can this get, man?"
    3. Danny: "This is the life!"
    4. Boy: "This isn't cool, this is boring!"
    5. Danny: "Boring? (to viewers: Guys, comment below if you think a game of chess is boring)"
    6. Danny: "Dude, check this out *makes move*"
    7. Danny: "You see that? That was a thrilling move, at least for me."
    8. Danny: "What are you gonna do, huh? You got nothing!"
    9. Boy: "*makes move*"
    10. Boy: "Check"
    11. Danny: "Whoa. That's a good counter move"
    12. Boy: "I know!"
    13. Danny: "It's your first time playing and you already think you can beat this grand master of this chess game?"
    14. Boy: "Your move!"
    15. Danny: "Watch and listen!"
    16. Boy: "Checkmate!"
    17. Danny: "What?"
    18. Boy: "Yep. Game Over"
    19. Boy: "I'm going to go play some video games. Later!"
    20. Boy: "*gasp, sees Baby Gun, runs upstairs"
    21. Danny: "*whispering to himself*. How is this possible?"
    22. Danny: "I was playing with an empty stomach. I want a rematch! *gasp, sees Baby Gun*"

    Nerf War Edit

    1. Danny: "This is just great"
    2. Devil Dude: "*shooting lasers*"
    3. Danny: "Ah, damn. He's got his hands on a Star Wars laser gun"
    4. Danny: "EL FANTASTICO!"
    5. Danny: "BG, can we be friends? Can I be your friend?"
    6. Devil Dude: "NO!"
    7. Danny: "FRIENDS!"
    8. Devil Dude: "*shooting*"
    9. Danny: "Are you really going to shoot an unarmed man? I'm unarmed man"
    10. Devil Dude: "I'll give you one minute!"
    11. Danny: "Whoa, really? Thanks man!"
    12. Devil Dude: "Go, now!"
    13. Danny: "Game time!"
    14. Danny & Devil Dude: "*shooting, defending*"
    15. Danny: "*rings boy*"
    16. Boy: "Yeah?"
    17. Danny: "I need your help"
    18. Boy: "Are you serious?"
    19. Danny: "Yes, I'm serious"