Nerf War: Fortnite V-Bucks!
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Posted April 20, 2018
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Length 3:26
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Channel GunVsGun

    Nerf War: Fortnite V-Bucks is a GunVsGun Brutal Nerf War uploaded on April 20, 2018

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    Nerf War Edit

    1. Danny: "Give it back, Tommy! (wallet)"
    2. Tommy: "NEVA!"
    3. Danny: "Give it back, or else!"
    4. Tommy: "Or else, what?"
    5. Danny: "Death!"
    6. Tommy: "I'm just borrowing it, man!"
    7. Danny: "What the hell for? Pizza?"
    8. Tommy: "No man! V-Bucks!"
    9. Danny: "V-Bucks? What the heck are V-Bucks, man?"
    10. Tommy: "Are you seriously this stupid?"
    11. Danny: "Just because I don't know what V-Bucks are doesn't me stupid"
    12. Tommy: "Yes, it does!"
    13. Tommy: "V-Bucks are what you use to but cool stuff in Fortnite: Battle Royale!"
    14. Danny: "Is that a video game or something?"
    15. Tommy: "I'm gonna kill you"
    16. Danny: "I'm gonna kill YOU!"
    17. Tommy: "NERF WAR!"
    18. Danny: "NERF WAR!"
    19. Danny: "I'm gonna grab a mini blaster, Tommy!"
    20. Tommy: "Good!"
    21. Tommy: "This will give me enough time to buy 10,000 pack of V-Bucks"
    22. Danny: "That's my money! He thinks he can blow my money over a stupid video game?"
    23. Danny: "He's got a death wish. But first, I need the right blaster to finish the job!"
    24. Tommy: "Alright, time to buy some V-Bucks!"
    25. Tommy: "Password? Oh, come on!"
    26. Danny: "Too small, too bulky, too small for capacity. Oh yeah, that's the one!"
    27. Tommy: "Think, Tommy. What could it be?"
    28. Tommy: "I know: ilovekittens"
    29. Tommy: "No! Dammit! I know"
    30. Tommy: "pinkprincessxoxo; Oh, come on!"
    31. Danny: "Come out, Tommy. I know you're back there!"
    32. Tommy: "Hey idiot, what's your password"
    33. Danny: "You realise, I put a password there so you couldn't use it"
    34. Tommy: "Why would you do a silly thing like that?"
    35. Danny: "Give me back my credit card and my laptop or I'm gonna start shooting!"
    36. Tommy: "You realise, with your aim. You're gonna miss me and destroy the entire laptop!"
    37. Danny: "Quite possibly"
    38. Tommy: "Are you ready to risk it?"
    39. Danny: "Yes. *shooting and screaming*"
    40. Tommy: "Good job, dummy. Now I can't buy V-Bucks!"
    41. Danny: "Wait, wait, no, no. Hold on! *screaming and dying*
    42. Tommy: "I'm the last man standing!"